Christians in Journalism is a London-based fellowship of journalists and photographers working in print, broadcast and online. We meet up for drinks, prayer, discussions and movies. 

Christians? In journalism?
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Are there other Christians where you work?
Why not put up this poster somewhere, and then see who turns up at the next meeting? No one need ever know it was you.

CiJ is joining theMediaNet

Christians in Journalism has always been about trying to bring people together. The problem has tended to be that London and indeed Britain are quite big, with people spread out all over the place and working different hours. We've been thinking for a long time about how we can use the internet to get past the problems of time and distance, and we think theMediaNet is the solution.
It's a forum for all sorts of Christian media types, with private areas for people working in different jobs. It should make it easier for you to find people who work near you or at the same times. And it means you don't have to wait for us to organise an event - want a film outing or a coffee? You can simply post the details yourself. It's very Web 2.0, apparently.
The CiJ website will still be here, and once we've sorted our venue issues, we'll be continuing our regular prayer breakfasts and other meetings, but you no longer have to be constrained by what we can get round to sorting out. If you want a 12pm prayer lunch in Wapping or Canary Wharf, you can go ahead and set it up yourself.
If you want to keep in touch, you'll need to go to: